Academisch Ziekenhuis

Adres: Catharijnesingel, Utrecht
Bouwjaar: ca. 1830
Architect: Onbekend
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt
Opdrachtgever: RABO Vastgoed Ontwikkelaar
Amstelland Vastgoed
Bouwsom:  €2.270.000
Start bouw: 1990
Jaar van oplevering: 1994
Bijzonderheden: Enghelenschild: 57 woningenBuytenschild: 44 woningen


The former main building of the hospital had lost much of its allure, due to the various extensions; rough interventions in the rear, lowered ceilings and a bare demolished interior. The project was the center and the “donor “of the overall plan “Hoogh Boulandt.”Very detailed analysis revealed that many different types of houses could benefit a maximum of the building, and it became an economic solution; many houses were realized around the stairwell, thus also balconies on the ‘repaired walls’ of the rear could be realized for many accommodations , and very special residences  in the roof top of the building. Almost no residence  is identical. The houses are both high technical level of insulation, with under floor heating and fitted with sound and heat insulation. By achieving a classic ‘front garden’ along the Catharijnesingel a private entrance and a nice quiet area are created.

The realization of the new section Buytenschild took place in 1994. The new building is a courtyard connecting with town houses and apartments in the same scale and size and with details of the main building;13 free sector residences, 5 premium accommodations and 26 apartments for rent, represent the ensemble and the backdrop of the main building. This is how we, as architects in this construction realized harmoniously the relationship of new buildings and reuse of social heritage.


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