Amsterdams Lyceum

Adres: Valeriusplein 15
Bouwjaar: 1917
Architect: H.A. Baanders
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt bv
Opdrachtgever: Vereniging Amsterdams Lyceum
Dienst Welzijn Amsterdam
Bouwbedrijf: Bouw bv
Bouwsom: €4.010.000,-
Start bouw: 2001
Jaar van oplevering: 2002
Bijzonderheden: Rijksmonument


The Amsterdam Lyceum is one of the oldest lyceums in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1917 by Doctor C.P Gunning (1886-1960). In 2002 our bureau replaced the temporary buildings that already existed for over 30 years. The main building was updated to meet the standards of today. There was a need for an extension of space, which made us work underground. The underground building has a green roof. Because of that, the building has kept its Amsterdamse School characteristics. In 2013, our bureau was asked to investigate the cracking of the portal. This was a complex problem and we knew there would be a time the foundation had to be restored in the near future.

Van Stigt has analyzed the problem and suggested to make an extra room / theatre under the portal. This room disburdens the foundation. This theatre will be a multifunctional study space, 1.5metres below streetlevel and 1metre below groundwater. Because of the restoration of the foundation, a relatively small investment is needed to add 380m2 to the Amsterdams Lyceum. Besides that two new entrances to are realized.

Because of the functioning of the school, it’s important to start as soon as possible after the finals and do all the activities that cause inconvenience and nuisance in the summer holidays. The building will take approximately 7 months and will start in May 2015.

The building permit has already been applied for in January of 2014.


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