Artis Amsterdam; The monkey- and birdhouse

Adres: Plantage Kerklaan 38
Bouwjaar: Het apenhuis 1908,
Het vogelhuis 1925
Architect: B.J. Ouëndag
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt bv
Het VO en DO is in november 2005 afgerond
Opdrachtgever: Natura Artis Magistra
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Jaar van oplevering:  
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In spring 2006 we are asked by the management of Artis to restore as much as possible the Monkey and the Bird House in its former glory, while modernizing so that they meet fully the current requirements for animal housing, animal care and accessibility to public.

The plan is part of the “Masterplan of Artis. Artis, will in coherence with the overall park structure, the restoration of historic buildings, and expansion of the park where now the parking is.

For the Monkey and Bird House the expansion/transformation of the park has a particular result. Till today these animal housing are part of the zoo fence; but soon they become part of the park. This new situation is taken into account in our plans; although this northern section will be executed later (because of the parking garage), we assume a totally new vision of outdoor animal enclosures to the north, a passage through the monkey and the in the future disappearance of the Gibbon cage and  the Reptiles house.
The expansion also affects the west side of the building, the final settlement, include e.g. a parking gate which can be realized only at a later stage, but due to  the fully operation of the Monkey and Bird House some decisions should already be taken (e.g. Foundation repair). The (future) construction will be only provisional rehabilitated, and a temporary transparent lock will be placed

On the southern side the historic country houses will be completely reconstructed to the design of Ir. Ouëndag. The recent found ancient specifications of 1909 gives light on many materials and are mainly followed. Thus, important information is found issued in response:

–   The sink (and glass) cover, sink drains and the internal tile floor of the Bird House;
–   The tin roof and gutters on the solar greenhouse of the Monkey House;
–   Granito floor of the Monkey House;
–   The historic windows and doors;

Reconstruction in this case means the reuse of materials with modern adaptations. Thus, the historic doors will be provided with adhesive magnets and the stained-glass windows are will be protected with high quality glass. Finally it should be noted that parts of the design of Ir. Ouëndag not seemed to be implemented. Examples are the stained-glass windows and the eastern frontwalls without windows, just only with a roof-light.

The preliminary and final design are completed by Andrea Stigt in November 2007. Artis has decided that others will do the implementation of the construction process.


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