Britisch School

Adres: Havenstraat 6, Amsterdam
Bouwjaar: 1885-1891
Architect: W.C. Metzelaar
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt


The studie (only in Dutch)

Onderzoek herontwikkeling

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The British School of Amsterdam (BSA) is one of the three international schools situated in Amsterdam. The school provides an international curriculum to students aged from three to eighteen. They are being educated out of three current locations (partly temporarily) in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. The international students of BSA originate from more than 80 different nations, a third of them lives in Oud-Zuid, a third in the centre of Amsterdam and a third at the southern part of the A10/ Amstelveen. 

The current housing of the students is very unpleasant because of multiple reasons. That’s why the school decided to concentrate their housing situation all at one location in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. The former prison located at the Havenstraat caught the eye of the BSA. At that moment the Cuypersgenootschap (a society) were applying for the building to be listed as a monument. Because of this future monumental status of the complex the BSA asked Bureau van Stigt due to her 30 years of experience with redeveloping extraordinary monuments and the development of urban areas to look into the practicabilty of their plan.

The provisional desired program of BSA is based on both English and Dutch education guidelines and estimates a number of 1.100 pupils. In addition the development of the complex needs to contribute to the redevelopment of the area Havenstraatgebied.

The use of the future listed monument is guarenteed by the BSA as well as sustainable and provides a long-term use. This redevelopment can be realised on short notice and will be the first link between De Sportas Amsterdam (sporting area) and the area Havenstraat.