Conservatorium Hotel

Adres: Van Baerlestraat 27, Amsterdam
Bouwjaar: 1899-1901
Architect: rijksbouwmeester D.E.C. Knuttel
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt
Nieuwbouw: Meyer van Schooten Architecten
Opdrachtgever: Alrov Groep
Bouwbedrijf: Strukton BV, Utrecht
Bouwsom: ca. €40.000.000,- incl installaties
excl. interieur 
Start bouw: medio 2008
Jaar van oplevering: eind 2012
Bijzonderheden: Herbestemming Rijksmonument (Voormalige Rijkspostspaarbank,
voormalig Conservatorium) aan de Van Baerlestraat tot 5*+ hotel



(former Rijkspostspaarbank, Conservatory on the Van Baerlestraat)

After a period of analysis and exploring the possibilities of reuse of the magnificent monument, where previously the Sweelinck Conservatory and before that the  Rijkspostspaarbank (bank) was located, a highly qualified hotel was realized. It is now a combination of leisure, wellness, hotel facilities, shops and parking, but above all stands the restoration of a beautiful art-deco interior.

Our office developed several models, which focused on adding underground spaces and double use of ground, two entrances, levels above street and sidewalk part, various types of accommodation (hotel and residential). We were involved in this process and held the supervision of the restoration of the historical building until January of 2011. The interior was done by an Italian architect Lissoni, the new added building by Meyer- van Schooten architects.

In 2012 the project is awarded with the Gulden Feniks a national award for restoration and re-use. 
The city of Amsterdam can be proud with this beautiful hotel and restaurant in the Museum quarter.


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