Faculteit der Letteren Leiden

Adres: Witte Singelterrein, Leiden
Bouwjaar: 1982
Architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt
Restauratie architect:
Opdrachtgever: Rijksgebouwendienst Voorburg
Bouwbedrijf:  Strabag Bau AG
Bouwsom:  €14.772.700
installaties: €3.182.000,-
Start bouw: 1982
Jaar van oplevering: 1982
Bijzonderheden: Bruto vloeroppervlak 13.800m2
Bruto inhoud 83.900m3


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The faculty of Arts is housed in a total of seven buildings grouped around 2 inner squares; here are the French-, Italian-, Spanish-, German-, English-, Slavic- and Dutch Language and Literature faculties situated, along with Western Palaeography. 

 The faculty buildings (1982) on the Witte Singel terrain consist of two parts, with in between them the University Library, designed by Bart van Kasteel (1921-1988). The design of the buildings matched the existing surrounding houses, in scale as well as in material (brick and concrete). Underneath these buildings is a large parking garage.

 The characteristic of the buildings is the possibility they offer for a good social functioning of the students community, thanks to several meeting points, both inside and outside (halls and squares), connections and passageways. The different departments of the faculties can also be easily recognized because the buildings are divided up in ‘houses’. The special architecture gives the whole an intimate and connected atmosphere.

And even though the demands of the present day may have changed, the social functioning of a building is of all times.


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