Adres: Vondelpark, Amsterdam
Bouwjaar: 1874
Architect: W.Hamer
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt
Opdrachtgever: Nederlands Filmmuseum
Bouwbedrijf:  Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en zn. bv
Bouwsom:  €1.045.000,-
Start bouw: 1991
Jaar van oplevering: 1991
Bijzonderheden: ca. 2.500m2; 3 filmzalen, 60 werkplekken, restaurant en archiefruimte




The Moviemuseum was originally built as party annex relaxation space, but had turned into an introvert building. The adjustments our architect office made, were mainly to let the museum function more public-oriented; extending the cinemas, and also incorporating the Art Deco interior of the Cinema Parisien.

By restoring the terraces and making these available to the public, and situating a restaurant and museum rooms underneath, the atmosphere of the public space was recovered. We changed the old, closed off added construction and made a glass entrance, extending the (partly boarded up) windows until street level. Much of the staff space was placed in the caps, which up till then had been moist, leaky storage space. Large tinted glass was placed in the caps, hardly visible from outside. 

As always, we have analyzed the building in a pragmatic way, used what could be used, and letting the functions follow the form and the possibilities of the building. Functional changes were done as well, mostly as restrained as possible, at times where necessary and functional in a nowadays architecture idiom. This was done at the entrance, the office spaces and the restaurant Vertigo.

Again a task with a small budget, great flexibility and an integrated approach of building and installations.

in 2012 the Moviemuseum found a new location in the Eye. Amsterdam West is in negotiations with the VARA (Dutch television network), to program art-shows and for this the former moviemuseum will have to undergo another transformation. The location in the Vondelpark remains with an public function, accessible for everyone.

De Parisienzaal will be placed in the Hallen medio 2013


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