Gerardus Majellakerk

Adres: Obiplein 4, Amsterdam
Bouwjaar: 1925-1927
Architect: Jan Stuyt
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt
Opdrachtgever: 1e herbestemming: Amsterdams Monumenten Fonds
2e herbestemming: NedPho
Bouwbedrijf:  beide renovaties Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en zn. bv
Bouwsom: 1993: €2.370.000,-
2012: €2.200.000,-
Start bouw: 1e herbestemming: 1992
2e herbestemming: 2011
Jaar van oplevering: 1e herbestemming: 1993
2e herbestemming: 2012
Bijzonderheden: Nadat de eerste herbestemming van de Majellakerk was afgerond (1993) kreeg het de status van Rijksmonument.


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Redevelopment is the future.

This statement is fully applicable to the Gerardus Majella Church.
After the renovation and conversion of 1992 the Gerardus Majella Church in the east of Amsterdam will have again another destination. Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra (NedPho) takes the place of Aletta (former IIAV). The Majella Church, now a monument, will again be transformed by a team of Stadsherstel nv (principal), MJ de Nijs (contractor) and Van Stigt (architect). A monument will never lose value and can once again have a new life.

Our first renovation for the International Information Centre for Women (IIAV, later Aletta) saved the church building that was than not yet a monument. Because of the AMF (Amsterdam Monument Fund, later Stadsherstel) in collaboration with district Zeeburg, the church retained a (semi) public function.
The restoration task was, besides adding additional windows and floor fields in the nave and the choir, especially repair of the foundation. The complete “ring” under the dome and the columns of the centre crossmember had fallen far more than the exterior walls, these were renovated by adding foundations and stiffening of the floor fields. In that stage, the ground floor was partially lowered and in the choir extra space for archives was created.

In this second operation, the in the earlier renovation added slot floor in the dome will be removed, so that a large practice and performance hall for the orchestra is created. The space will be even more increased after a span of the floor in the choir at all levels is demolished. The spaces adjacent to the main hall will be foyers and instrument storage. The other areas are all aimed at the dome and will be back offices, offices and rehearsal rooms.
external office space will have a structural glass façade in front of the existing façade as an additional (acoustic) separation from the rehearsal and performance hall of the NedPho.

On the outside a loading dock is added where instruments can be safely transported without changes in humidity and temperature.
The interior of the church will be largely improved acoustically and installation technically. Both to the surrounding buildings and the surrounding rooms nuisance will prevented by insulated glass, sound deflector, and partition walls.
For performance purposes a recessed floor in the dome will be made for seats for about 200 people, there will also be room for the air system. In top of the dome a truss will be made to hang the (theatrical) lights.

As in the previous renovation the Gerardus Majella Church will get a (semi) public function. It will once again have a new life! As our saying goes, nothing is as flexible as a monument.


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