Gerrit van der Veen College

Adres: Gerrit van der Veenstraat 99, Amsterdam
Bouwjaar: 1929
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt
Opdrachtgever: Directorium ISA
Bouwbedrijf:  Heddes Bouwgroep / Teerenstra
Bouwsom:  €5.200.000,-
Start bouw: 2006
Jaar van oplevering: 2007



The Gerrit van der Veen College in the South of Amsterdam was after the Amsterdam Lyceum and the Sweelinck College the third school in this city where the expertise and experience of our architect office was called upon to  renovate, optimalize and expand the available space.

The school, as well as the street it stands in, was named after the artist and resistance fighter (WWII) Gerrit van der Veen, is housed in a magnificent monumental building of 1929. It has, with the exception of the years during the war, always functioned as a school. Before the war it was a Secondary School for Girls.

The school has an exceptional amount of art standing and hanging in and around the building, among which some of Gerrit van der Veen himself (see also

The school had seen an increase in students, which made an expansion necessary. Our architect office realized 31 high standard classrooms and computer space. The attic space, which was inaccessible before, was made available for practicum classes, by extending the elevator and staircases.

The strength of our architect office is to always optimize the available space;
– the caps were re-organized, to facilitate the science classrooms (chemistry, physics and math), the TOA- and dark-rooms, together with the installations and storage rooms,
– the data- and  userfacilities were adapted, so that the rooms can be used more flexible,
– the library was moved to where the canteen used to be on the first floor, along with the teachersrooms,
– the canteen was moved to the groundfloor, where the gymrooms used to be,
– an invalid toilet was placed,
– for the gymrooms, a solution was needed and found in the nearby Apollo Hall, where two gymrooms were available for schools in the area. Research had shown that building gymrooms underneath the school would have been too expensive. The nearby Ignatius College does have underground gymrooms, which can be used by several schools.

Interesting detail about the renovation of the Gerrit van der Veen College is, that the entire building activity was planned, so that it interfered as little as possible with the school schedule. The work was mainly done in the school vacations and outside classperiods, between the summer of 2006 and October of 2007. This method of work had been done buy our architect office before at the Theatre Institute and the ‘Groothandelsgebouw’, which continued to function during the renovation.

Thanks to the expansion that our architect office managed to achieve, the school function of the building could be maintained for the Gerrit van der Veen College.


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