Hotel de l’Europe

Adres: Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2 t/m 14, Amsterdam
Bouwjaar: Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-4: 1895/1896
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 6-8: 1930-1940
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 10: 1875
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 12-14: 1890
Architect: Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-4: W. Hamer
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 6-8: Gebr. van Gendt
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 10: onbekend
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 12-14: F.W.M. Poggenbeek
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt
i.s.m Dam en Partners (interieurontwerp)
Opdrachtgever: Horel de l’Europe
Bouwbedrijf:  Hillen & Roosen
Bouwsom:  €23.000.000,-
Start bouw: februari 2008
Jaar van oplevering: eind 2011
Bijzonderheden: De panden 2-4 en 6-8 waren al eerder in gebruik als Hotel de l’Europe. 
Per september zijn de panden 10 en 12-14 in het bezit van het hotel gekomen. 


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Hotel de l’Europe lies in a unique spot in the center of Amsterdam; right across from the Munt Tower, and directly situated on the river Amstel.

This 5 star hotel was originally one of the oldest hotels of the city. On the corner is Freddy’s bar, which was Freddy Heinekens favorite hangout.

The hotel acquired two adjoining buildings, formal Gilissen banks, which enabled an expansion with luxurious conference spaces and extra hotel rooms. The hotel could function normally during the restoration. Thanks to the extra space it was also possible to restore the inner open court, and detoning expansions from the 70’s were removed. Spacious wellness and pool facilities were realized on level with the Amstel river. The architectural quality of the revitalization can be seen in the attention to detail; restoration of original materials and use of correct colours.

In February 2010 the expansion of the hotel was finished. In the next phase, the interior of the old hotel (central hall, restaurant, kitchen but also 24 rooms) were restored to their former glory and intimate atmosphere.

The project started in 2008, the expansion was completed in February of 2010; the revitalization of the old hotel was ready in July of 2011.


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