Hotel Résidence Le Coin

Adres: Nieuwe Doelenstraat, Amsterdam
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt
Opdrachtgever: Universiteit van Amsterdam
Bouwbedrijf:  Bouwbedrijf M.J. de nijs en zn. bv
Bouwsom:  €3.860.000,-
Start bouw: 1995
Jaar van oplevering: 1997




The University of Amsterdam owns several properties in the inner city, among which in the Nieuwe Doelenstraat. In this street is where Rembrandt lived for a few years in the 17th century, and where the renowned Hotel de L’Europe, owned by Freddie Heineken, stands.

In the mid-90’s a solution was sought for the housing of the numerous guest lecturers of the University of Amsterdam. Internationalization was growing fast in that period, and the many foreign guest had to be provided for.

Up until that time, it was customary to rent hotel rooms in the nearby Hotel de L’Europe, but a more practical ánd economical solution was to build guest quarters in the seven historical houses on the Nieuwe Doelenstraat; a location very close to the University, in the heart of Amsterdam.

In these magnificent buildings our architect office built 42 small apartments (30 to 40 m²), with typical Amsterdam characteristics. They are larger, more personal and most importantly a lot cheaper than the hotel rooms usually booked for ‘university guests’.

Lecturers and students staying in these apartments could make use of the facilities of the Hotel de L’Europe; nowadays the guest quarters, called le Coin, hold a 4 star-hotel status on their own. The rooms can also independently be rented for the day.

From the apartments access is available to the university computer centre, where fundamental research is done in the field of physics, astronomy and chemistry.

In this way, lecturers and students have comfortable lodgings in the heart of the innercity, to study or prepare lectures.


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