Adres:  Dienstweg 5, Enschede
Bouwjaar: 1992
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt


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The building is an old acqaintance since this has been the first assignment of Joop van Stigt 50 years ago. He made the cafeteria on behalf of the then small technical college of Twente, nowadays the University of Twente. The balanced building is now revised by André van Stigt with fresh eyes to fit in the new performance standards and requirements of today. The cafeteria has become disbalanced over the years thanks to thoughtless interventions.

The principal of the construction: “the roofpannels for rigidity in two directions, the overhang and beams with a required performant expactation” never have been understood wherefore nowadays extra restoration is demanded. Likewise the glass facade had lost the appearance because of the modifications. The paintwork has increasingly become more brown and dull.


Nevertheless the building is still standing strong with her unique and distinctive architecture and at least as important: proud users who are not planning on losing it. Analysis of the project shows that the flexibility and the modern concept of flexible workplaces and concentration areas are suitable. Service and reception from a central desk. It’s also a necessity to become sustainable and to recover the principal of the construction.


The idea is to go back to the basic concept: by adding two small modern extensions, the familiar boxes as a logical continuation of the concept of Van Stigt (2x30m²), with overhang for the purpose of outdoor space. This design makes sure the building is more useful and flexible and somewhat limits the costs per m². It’s a relavitly small task in terms of square metres with a lot of facade and roof surface. The investments are substantial but bring the balance back and because of the new sustainability a longer life span. The low costs also bring balance back to the exploitation.


More about the design of J. van Stigt here.

Source: Joop van Stigt architect ‘werken vanuit een flexibele structuur 1960-1985’ by M. Steenhuis


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