Hotel MAI

Adres: Geldersekade 20-34
Elleboogsteeg 8-10-12,
Zeedijk 37
Restauratie architect: Architectenbureau J. van Stigt bv
Opdrachtgever: Pacifica Prosperity Vastgoed bv
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Jaar van oplevering:  
Bijzonderheden: Herbestemming panden
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The project Geldersekade/Elleboogsteeg, a 4 star Chinatown-hotel, stands in the so-called 1012-district in the centre of Amsterdam, where large scale redevelopments and up-scaling is planned and under way. A positive impulse is much needed in this area.  The Chinese-asian community (family K.P. Dun) and the NV Zeedijk have put in a plan for social improvement; public and open functions, social control and safety at night, especially on ground floor. By returning the individual parceling and entrances and restoring the public alley, the tissue of the city is restored. The area will once again be a safe and lively part of the city.

The plan provides in repairing the street pattern, reconstructing one of the buildings on the Geldersekade, and returning public and cultural functions to the alley; artist in residence-studios, wellness, but also staff-spaces, a canteen and service entrance to the hotel. The reception area for the hotel will be situated in the inner court (24 hour social control).

The hotel function will be the economical carrier, together with the restaurant/café on the Zeedijk 37. The hotel will focus on the Asian community. The culture-shops and –studios will have reduced prices as ‘cultural incubator-spaces’, with exchanges between the Sandberg Institute  and the Chinese Academies. The hotel operator takes full responsibility for the whole project.

The monuments in the Elleboogsteeg (alley) have not enough light or height for regular housing. A glass roof will be placed, and walkways to connect the buildings; this way a function as hotelrooms is feasible. The solution our architect office found for the Hotel de L’Europe recently is exemplary; the buildings remain separately identifiable, and by using walkways in the inner area the buildings and walls remain intact.

This new Asian hotel in this area will bring unity, greater safety and an economical boost to the area.


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