The Architect office is more and more specialized in restoration, renovation and reuse (revival). De buildings are mainly hotspot located in the area. After restoration or reuse, these hotspots ad an enormous value for the complete area.

The revival and reuse varies from the convert  of old warehouses into lively housing accommodations, (as the Entrepotdok, Grainsilo’s, Pakhuis de Zwijger all in Amsterdam) or the reuse of formal utility buildings as for example military barracks (Oranje Nassau Barrack in Amsterdam and the Ripperda in Haarlem) and the   Academic hospital in Utrecht.

The office is also experienced in restoration of young monuments. Recent realized works: Nieuwe Energie in Leiden, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Olympisch Stadion, Apollohal in Amsterdam, and the Groothandelsgebouw in Rotterdam.

Furthermore some late 19 century monumental churches got a new destination, for instance the Posthoorn Church and the Majella Church. Some musea, as the Filmmuseum and the Bartholotti House are restored. In most of these projects  the building process took place with a fully continuation of the organizations/ users of the building.

We are experienced in building underground in which we gain extra space: Two schools in Amsterdam, Sweelinck college and the Amsterdams Lyceum have facilities undergrounds, for sports and auditorium. In these schools the roof is used for a small garden and square.

The architect office has 450m² for meetings and office. The office has several drawing-, presentation-, (AutoCAD 3d visions)-, administration-, calculation-, specification and planning systems united in one network. We are licensed by Stabu for specifications and calculation methods.